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Residential & Commercial

No hassle pricing: We have a $100 minimum even if it is only one room. Upstairs apartments have a $150 minimum. These prices only apply to Chowchilla, Madera, Fresno and Clovis. Other areas have a higher minimum. 

Carpet cleaning rates are as follows. 

  • $55 Per area
  • Examples:
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Hallway
  • Loft
  • Dining room (if carpeted)
  • Foyer
  • Office
  • Area Rug
  • Staircase (Adds $5)
  • Combination rooms are broken into individual areas. Example living + dining combination. 
  • Apartments & townhomes that require access through a staircase or an elevator have a higher minimum. No exceptions!
  • (Around furniture still counts as 1 area.)
  • Extra large living or master bedrooms are subject to an extra cost. 

(Attention!) If the following below are detected there is an additional cost. (No exceptions!) 

  • Pets 
  • Human urine/ feces 
  • Excessive soiling, spills, candy or slime
  • Fire/ flood 
  • Recent extermination treatment
  • Light colored  carpet such as white or beige
  • Thick pile or shag 


  • Strip seal & wax starts at .75 cents per square foot. 

  • Wax minimum is $225.


  • Are subject to an additional charge.

Tile, aggregrate, shower, tubs & shower glass doors. 

  • Rates for tile start at 75 cents per square foot. ($200 minimum)

  • Grout seal starts at 35 cents per square foot. 

  • Rates for aggregate/ pebble-tech start at 75 cents a square foot ($200 minimum)

  • Granite countertops (clean & seal) start at $200

  • Tile countertops (clean & seal) start at $200 

  • Showers & tubs start at $250 this does not include shower glass doors.

  • Shower glass water spot removal start at $200 includes 1 piece of glass. Example: 1 door, Additional pieces will add to the cost. 

Upholstery cleaning rates.

  • Ottoman’s start @ $45

  • Chair/ recliner $65

  • Love seat $75

  • Sofa $85

  • Sectional start at  $200

  • Dining room chairs start @ $25 each this includes the bottom cushion only. 

  • Throw pillows range between $10-15 each 

  • Double sided removable cushions add an additional cost. (No exceptions)

  • Extra large pieces of furniture are subject to an additional charge. 

  • Pets, heavy stains, hair or lint detected adds an additional cost. (No exceptions)

Recreational (RV) upholstery cleaning

  • Recreational vehicles (RV) start at $200. Furniture pieces are an additional cost.

  • We are not currently cleaning automobiles. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Protect your investment with Scotchguard / protects against stains

  • After beautifying your home and upholstery protect it from future stains with scotchguard Adds an additional layer of protection.  

  • Rooms start at only $25

  • Love seat $25

  • Sofa, $25

  • Sectional $50


  • Twin/ Full $65

  • Queen $75

  • King $85

  • Box spring $45

  • Double sided mattress add $45

  • Scotchguard $25 any size mattress
  • Urine detected adds $25 extra per side 

These prices only apply to residential and are subject to change at anytime

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