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No hassle pricing: We have a $100 minimum even if it is only one room. Upstairs apartments have a $150 minimum. These prices only apply to Chowchilla, Madera, Fresno and Clovis. Other areas have a higher minimum. 

Carpet cleaning rates start at

  • $75 Per area
  • Examples:
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Hallway
  • Loft
  • Dining room (if carpeted)
  • Foyer
  • Office
  • Area Rug 
  • Staircase 
  • Combination rooms are broken into individual areas. Example living + dining combination. 
  • Apartments & townhomes that require access through a staircase or an elevator have a higher minimum. No exceptions!
  • (Around furniture still counts as 1 area.)
  • Extra large living or master bedrooms are subject to an extra cost.
  • Silk, cotton, natural furs or any rug that requires special treatment will add to the final cost. 

(Attention!) If the following below are detected there may be an additional cost. 

  • Pets 
  • Human urine/ feces 
  • Excessive soiling, spills, candy or slime
  • Fire/ flood 
  • Recent extermination treatment
  • Thick pile or shag 

Other services call for pricing

  1. Hardwood cleaning 
  2. Hardwood refinishing
  3. Vinyl plank cleaning (LVP)
  4. Tile and grout cleaning (Travertine) (Porcelain) etc….
  5. Aggregate cleaning + sealing 
  6. Laminate cleaning
  7. Linoleum cleaning & sealing
  8. Shower & tub cleaning
  9. Shower glass calcium removal & cleaning
  10. Granite countertops
  11. Headstone Cleaning & polishing
  12. Upholstery Cleaning such as sofa, love seat, chair etc…
  13. Mattress cleaning
  14. Window Cleaning
  15. Odor removal
  16. If you don’t see your items listed please call because the list goes on….

These prices only apply to residential and are subject to change at anytime call or text


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