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What Does Biodegradable Mean?


Biodegradable is any substance or object that is capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms. Biodegradable materials can be decomposed by microorganisms such as bacteria, enzymes and fungi. This degradation process produces carbon dioxide and/or methane, water and in some cases residues non toxic to the environment.

(a.) Capable of decaying and being absorbed harmlessly into the environment

Q&A Related to “What Does Biodegradable Mean”

Biodegradable are items that can decompose. Some items that are biodegradable are things such as food and garden waste and paper or paper board.

Biodegradable products are suppose to be better for the environment

. The reason being is that the product is suppose to break down, relatively easy, back into the components found

Non biodegradable waste is waste that will never break down into part of the earth. This kind of waste has been a huge problem for the earth. It has made a huge problem with the space

Things that are biodegradable are typically made out of natural fiber. That means that things like cotton clothing, leather shoes, food scraps, wood, newspapers etc. are all biodegradable

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